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A Note from Nicole (Founder)

Throughout my career as a therapist, I’ve strived to send a message of innate health. Innate health is the idea that all humans are inherently whole and possess the capacity for mental health and well being within them. So when I started to brainstorm ideas for the name of my new practice I knew that I wanted the name to exemplify an innate or inborn potential for health and healing and embrace the simplicity and resilience that is symbolic of nature. The name ‘Native’ immediately struck a chord with me. The word native has many definitions and is used in multiple contexts including in reference to plants. Anyone who knows me, knows I love plants and gardening. Think of it this way: plants that are native to certain regions will thrive more readily and effortlessly when planted in those areas. Why is that? Well, because they are accustomed to the growing conditions in that area. They are capable of thriving in the predominant soil of that region and the prevailing climate even if both are less than ideal. They are naturally resilient there!

We are native in health. We are capable of thriving in whatever conditions we are “planted in” because our potential doesn’t exist outside of us, it exists inside of us. When we find our way back to our native or natural ways of being and living we too will effortlessly thrive.

As I considered the parallels between the term native as it is referenced in horticulture and the applicability to my own working definition of mental health I knew I found the one!

Thus, Native Integrative Mental Health Care was founded in 2021 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.