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Integrative Mental Health Care

At Native, we believe that mental health is innate and that mental health care should be integrative. Our mission is to provide integrative mental health care to the communities where we live. We believe that each of us has the inborn potential to heal, grow, and thrive. We believe that we are part of a movement that reduces the stigma associated with mental illness and therapy and supports individuals in developing the skills to maintain emotional wellbeing.

Integrative mental health care is treatment for mental health concerns that incorporates evidence based complementary and alternative therapies. These types of therapies include nutrition, movement, meditation, breath work, biofeedback and energy work. We believe that an integrative approach is superior to a traditional approach, psychotherapy plus medication, because it is comprehensive and holistic.

We know the mind and body are connected and we know that humans are multifaceted and their many systems (mind, body, social, environmental) influence one another, so we work on all fronts and in all dimensions to ensure the best possible outcome and build the most resilience.

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